5 reasons you need single forged irons

5 reasons you need single forged irons

What is single forging?
Forging involves heating up metal to high temperatures and pressing it into shape. This differs from casting, where metal is poured into a mold and left to set. While both sound like similar techniques, the end result is vastly different and apparent when playing. 

The forging process repeatedly presses metal into shape, driving out any stray pockets of air remaining in the metal. What results is a more consistently constructed club head you can learn to rely on. Casting is known for allowing tiny air particles to remain in the club head, meaning different clubs could potentially have different characteristics. 

Single forged clubs are renowned for the feedback passed through the club and into the golfer's hands. Constant feedback creates a deeper understanding for the game and immense satisfaction when striking a brilliant shot. For the passionate golfer, that's essential. 

True single forging
Many of the clubs available today that are advertised as forged are not single forged. A shortcut in the manufacturing process, often two and three piece forged clubs are built in various factories and assembled elsewhere. This eliminates the advantages single forging provides (all of our clubs are single forged). Small price increases over regular clubs are a reflection of the true single forging process which does command a higher manufacturing cost. However, we believe the end result is more than worth the extra outlay.

Shot shaping ability and centre of gravity
Thanks to the manufacturing process, the centre of gravity of the club head in single forged clubs is closer to the face. This results in more feel, as well as the ability to intentionally draw or slice the ball. It's for this reason that many pros choose single forged irons. 

Who could possibly pass up on the classic look of muscle back irons? Casting allows for many interesting applications on irons, but none eclipse the clean lines and functionality of a single piece of crafted metal. 

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There's more than a few reasons all of the clubs we sell are single forged. From the entire Vega range (famously single forged in Japan) through to our Peter Thomson Signature clubs, you'll find yourself relishing the sweet feel of that crisp iron shot that trickles within feet of the hole.