5 ways Focus will change your putting

5 ways Focus will change your putting

Putting well is an excellent skill in a game of golf. Learning to nail those three footers is just as important if not more vital than a long straight drive - after all, they both count as one stroke. The Focus Putt Amazing is one of the best putting training aids on the market, with cold hard numbers backing up its effectiveness. Here are five key elements of the Focus. 

1. Center Sensor
The Center Sensor is placed at the sternum below the upper chest and is pulled up and inward. This allows you to remain connected through your trunk while stroking back and forth. Anchoring putters were banned on tour for this reason, though the Focus uses the same idea in sync with visual cues to commit your stroke to muscle memory.

2. Core Master Mover
The Core or ‘Master Mover’ is key. If you command the core, the hands, arms and shoulders will move as a result…and you can actually keep them relaxed (a very important element of putting, often overlooked). Initiate your stroke with the Master Mover with the added benefit of a streamlined thought process.

3. Live Vizadial Feedback
Overusing your hands in your stroke? Detect any hidden stroke glitches with Vizadial real-time feedback. Syncing your putter swing to your core rotation is easy when even the slightest shakes in backswing or follow through show up on the dial. Sharpen your skills by challenging yourself to keep the pointer in the same position from start to finish of each stroke. A lock on the dial prevents any hand involvement in the stroke, a great feature for beginners or even golfers who prefer the feel of the stroke as opposed to visual correction. 

best putting training aid
The Vizadial sweeping through different positions. Keeping the white mark on the dial in line with the green dot ensures a putting stroke in sync with core movement. 

4. Biokinetic Feedback
Biomechanic excellence is yours with the Focus. You're able to feel what world class players feel and move like world class players move. A quick watch of the best putters in PGA tour events shows the concentration that goes into precise putting strokes. Training this with the Focus is sure to create improvements almost immediately on the course. 

5. Ergonomics
Lightweight, high quality anodized aluminium, as well as industrial strength Velcro mean you can take the Focus with you anywhere. It fully adjusts to any putter length and grip thickness, works with any putting style, and is friendly to both male and female golfers. 

best putting training aid


It's no wonder the Focus has been endorsed by top PGA instructors such as Wayne DeFrancesco, Jason Helman, Joe Hallett and Jim Wilkinson to name a few. Not to mention that it's proven to increase putting efficiency by a staggering 21% in just a few sessions. 

The Focus is available here on our online store (with free shipping Australia wide), as well as on Amazon in the US, and in House Of Golf stores all over Victoria.