One Piece Range Ball

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Our one piece construction range ball is an effective polybutadiene moulded rubber ball. The natural property of the shock absorbing material provides the golfer with a softer feel. 

This ball is ideal for driving ranges and offers exceptional value, durability and excellent performance comparable to a two piece range ball. The table below provides details on performance figures.

1 piece construction ball

Carry distance 90 MPH swing speed

Carry distance 100 MPH swing speed  Durability Average 77 MPH swing speed Compression

183 metres / 200 yards

201 metres / 220 yards Over 400 hits 80 rating
Limited 155 metres / 170 yards 174 metres / 190 yards Over 400 hits 80 rating


Both the standard and limited flight are available in yellow or white. We are able to arrange custom logo placement as well as custom colour combinations. Contact us here for more information. Please note that minimum quantities may apply.

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