About Us

Peter Thomson Golf

Professional Golf Equipment was established in 2014 by John Harrington of Melbourne. After developing a huge passion for the game over the course of many years, John decided to launch his own premium golfing brand.

PGE are located in Oakleigh East, right near the heart of Melbourne's prime golfing land known as the sand belt. Our goal is to offer golfers access to unique brands from all over the world at affordable prices. We offer full in-house swing testing, delivering clubs that feel like natural extensions of your body. You can find our products on our online store or at course locations and golf shops all over Australia. 

Our Brands

In conjunction with the legendary Peter Thomson himself, PGE has crafted the Peter Thomson Golf Signature Range. Using single forged craftsmanship, both the blade and cavity back irons are made to the highest standards and signature engraved. The PT2 & PT3 golf balls are USGA and R&A approved.

Vega Golf is another brand that we're proud to distribute throughout Australia. Vega is the original brand of the famous Kyoei forging house of Himeji in Japan. All clubs are truly single forged and renowned for their incredibly soft feel. The four major golf championships have all been won by players using Vega forged irons. 

The Focus Putt Amazing was created by Mark Diley from Maryland in the US. After studying the biokenitics involved in the putting stroke, Mark painstakingly designed the Focus to solve the putting technique issues he saw in many of the golfers he trains. The Focus is suitable for players of all abilities and has shown to improve putting efficiency by 21% in just a few sessions.

Our in house brand logo, The Golfer, adorns many of our golf accessories. Also produced in house are our range balls, which are made in Taiwan. Working with our suppliers, we are able to design custom branded equipment, whether it be range balls or a complete catalog of premium apparel for your club.