Peter Thomson PT3 Spin Golf Balls

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The PT3 golf ball debuts a hi-tech design for faster swing speed golfers seeking a combination of increased spin plus drop and stop performance.


  • The softer elastic blended cover and seamless dimple pattern generates greater spin and results in perfect drop and stop performance around the greens
  • Extra large energy-charged inner core formulation
  • Soft thermoplastic elastomer second layer
  • Soft elastic cover, 85 compression three-piece ball
  • Stylish aerodynamic seamless dimple pattern design
  • 12 balls per box
  • Conforms with USGA and R&A rules

R&A Testing Statistics

The R&A uses a uniform setup to test balls for official approval in competition. Their machine golfer uses a 10 degree driver club face swinging at 120 miles per hour and striking the ball with 2520 rpm of spin. The PT3 performed as following:

  • 10 degree launch angle
  • 2640 rpm spin
  • 256.1 mph speed off club
  • 310.4 yards of distance

Target Golfer

  • Swing Speed: 100 plus mph
  • #1 Driver: 240 yards plus
  • #7 Iron: 160 yards plus
  • Spin: High

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