VEGA VW-10 Wedge

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Take your chipping game to the next level with ultra premium wedges by VEGA. Exceptional performance from the bunker and increased control of your lob shots are hallmarks of this range. Forged by hand in Japan, VEGA club heads must meet strict quality demands at each stage of the forging process. As a result, they're some of the most unique, playable and versatile clubs in the world. 

A very traditionally shaped wedge with a curved leading edge. Although curved, the leading edge is still ground tight to enable clean strikes from tight lies. The unique grind makes this one the most versatile wedges in the world. 

The raw finish is not plated and will gradually rust over time. This is a natural process which is likened by many golfers as it offers increased spin and a non-glare look.

All of our VEGA wedges are available with a choice of two shafts, and are custom fitted with shaft lengths of 32 through to 36 inches. Once purchased, one of our team members will contact you with regards to your fitting requirements. The Tour Wedge Black shaft adds 10 grams over the regular Tour Wedge shaft, thereby increasing spin and providing a lower launch angle.

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